Day 15 – fitness while locked up

I’ve been injured for about a year and struggling with my workouts. Prior to the last year, I gave up running due to foot pain, so that also limited what I can do. An injured shoulder + back pain meant working out was not working out for me.

Ironically, now that all the gyms are closed,, I feel ok. As long as I take care of my self and watch how I’m sitting and stretch, stretch, stretch.

Claudia is graciously hosting classes on Zoom. Even though her awesome gym, Fitness Movement, is closed, she’s helping us all stay in shape. After taking a break from classes since Thanksgiving, I’ve been cautiously trying to get back at it. I’m so much better at being consistent when I have someone telling me exactly what to do!

I set a goal for myself to hit all three rings on my Apple watch last week, and I DID IT! Let’s just say the doggies are getting a lot of walks!

So what’s next? April is coming, and I’ve never hit a perfect month for all three rings. The move goal — sometimes. I missed March due to my flight to New Zealand. Apple watch basically says March 1st didn’t exist for me. Can I do it for April? I’d like to try.

Anyone out there have an Apple watch and want to start a competition? They last 7 days and are based on points assigned daily for each ring. Let me know and we can figure out how to connect.

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