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  • Lemon Dill Hummus
    For my book club this past weekend, I made Lemon Dill Hummus. I used to dislike dill. Or maybe I never really ate dill except for dill pickles, which I hate, so I thought I also hated dill the herb. Lately, it turns out I really love it. I love tzatziki (although I make mine […]
  • Galápagos videos
    Here are a few videos from my trip. These videos somehow didn’t make it into any of my other posts.
  • Isla Bartolomé
    This was one of my favorite places in Galápagos. Since I wasn’t feeling well, I missed the Friday morning excursion at Playa Las Bachas. However, it’s hard to be sad, or have a bad day when you wake up to this view! While others were snorkeling, a few of us went out in the “glass […]
  • Isla Seymour Norte
    Our second stop on Saturday, Isla Seymour Norte is home to the Frigatebirds. Here we saw the Great Frigatebirds, the Magnificent Frigatebirds, as well as other birds. The Frigatebirds were a constant companion to our ship during the trip. Frigatebirds cannot swim or land on water, but spend up to a month at sea (flying). They […]
  • Isla Plaza Sur
    Isla Plaza Sur (South Plaza Island), a small island off the coast of Santa Cruz, was our first stop on Saturday. Plaza Sur is known for birds, ice plant, prickly pear cactus, and land iguanas. I have to say, I was not expecting to see so much cactus (or really any cactus) on this trip.
  • Isla Santa Cruz – lava tubes & tortoises!
    On Thursday, we disembarked on Santa Cruz Island. While here, we walked in a lava tube, and went to a tortoise habitat. We didn’t go all the way through the lava tube, as parts of it are quite low/narrow and muddy. However, it’s estimated at 1km in length, which is quite long! After exploring the […]

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