Succeeding as a Solopreneur

Given that I’ve been thinking about how to expand my career options beyond the traditional tech job, when I saw Succeeding as a Solopreneur: Six Keys to taking the Leap, Winning Clients, and Building Wealth by Liz J. Steblay offered by NetGalley, it seemed very timely.

Overall, it was a quick read, and I definitely learned some stuff.

First, I do not know enough about running a business to know if I need to be an LLC, get a business license, or file for “doing business as”. I have some research to do! The book provided more questions than answers for me here.

Second, I am not sure if I’m ready to take the leap into being a solopreneur just yet, so I’m not giving up on my job search. Rather, I’d like to explore both in parallel.

I also need to learn way more about marketing, making a brand for myself, and start doing more networking.

Overall, Succeeding as a Solopreneur was a bit of a mixed bag for me. The author talks early on about defining herself as a consultant/entrepreneur, later flipping it, and then ultimately dropping consultant to become simply an entrepreneur. However, the work she does as an entrepreneur, to me, seems like consulting work. So, I spent a lot (too much) time wondering what the difference was, why it matters, and if this book was really for me.

Some of the book seems pretty relevant for anyone looking to work for themselves. Is self-employed the same as solopreneur? What about gig workers? It’s all still a little murky for me. And this is where I felt the book was a let-down. It wasn’t clear to me if I was included in the definition or not.

Also, she spends a lot of time on networking and selling yourself. But this, again, felt geared towards people working in a similar “consulting” line of work. If you are, for example, a website developer, or a graphic artist, how much does your LinkedIn profile photo really matter?

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Thanks to NetGalley and Greenleaf Book Group for an advance copy in exchange for sharing my opinions. All opinions in this review are my own.