Oxygen Box

My dog Indy has been having seizure-like episodes for the last few weeks. Nothing obvious turned up after a visit to our vet, so we were waiting on a neurology consult, which, for non-emergent cases, can take weeks.

Today, he was having trouble breathing, so we went to the emergency vet. Turns out, he has congestive heart failure, and the seizures were likely not seizures but syncope (fainting).

Poor Indy has to spend the weekend in an “oxygen box” at the hospital. (pictured in the featured image)

We’re all missing him very much. ❤️

Indy enjoying the weather and his new outdoor bed, taken a few weeks ago.

Off to See the Wildflowers

Today’s hike was at Santa Clara County Park.

We saw quite a lot of wild flowers! And it wasn’t very crowded.

At the start, we noticed a trail closed sign in one direction of our loop trail. We decided to go the other way and risk having to turn around.

We did not anticipate that the trail would be closed at 3.9/4 miles. Rebels that we are, we hiked the tenth of a mile that was closed. But only after asking people we saw coming from that direction if it was passable!