Uplifting Dog Movies

When Indy returned from the hospital a few weeks ago, we decided our cinema theme of the week would be Uplifting Dog Movies.

We kicked off the series with Lady and the Tramp. I don’t know if I ever saw this as a kid. It did not age well. It’s pretty demeaning with its depictions of everyone at the Italian restaurant.

Next, we watched Turner & Hooch.

Another movie I probably saw as a kid.

It’s not as funny as I expected.

Tom Hanks is half-dressed for about half the movie. There are a lot of underwear scenes and scenes with his shirt off. Was this supposed to make the movie more appealing to certain audiences?

Hooch is obvi the best part of the movie. The kitchen scene reminded me how thankful I am that my troublemaker is only 10 lbs and limited in her destructive capabilities.

my Letterboxd review

I’ll add here that I felt deeply betrayed by this movie. I specifically picked movies where the dog doesn’t die. I was wrong about this one, and I’m still upset by this.

To round out the selection, we finished with Oh My Dog. Oh My Dog is an Indian family comedy-drama, about a boy who raises a blind dog. This movie has it all–a cute dog, an evil villain with weird henchmen, and a feel-good ending. Oh, and it even features some dog agility!

Roxy running across the dog walk during agility practice
Roxy, during an agility fun match.

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